Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good Intentions

Yesterday Josh surprised me with a trip to San Diego for my birthday. My birthday is actually next weekend but being that close to Christmas, this was a better option.
He was here on business about a month ago and ate at this really nice fancy restaraunt. As he sat there and ate, "I knew this was the place I was bringing you for your birthday." It is really very sweet. He knows I am always on a quest for the perfect steak.
However, we brought the monkey with us to San Diego. For me it wouldn't be a birthday celebration without him, so I'm glad we did. BUT, fancy schmancy restaraunt and monkeys do not mix. Plus this is not Utah where everybody has kids or at least is always around them so they get it. We actually had people that were about to be seated next to us ask to sit somewhere else and this was while Aiden was still be good.
I kept praying for people to get drunk and get really loud so they couldn't hear my boy, who was exhausted after a flight and only an hour nap. We finally just boxed up our gazillion dollar meal and came back to the hotel to eat it.
(SIDE NOTE: Example of my bad parenting form previous post. Aiden jusstarted crying from our king size hotel room bed. I went over there to cuddle him back to sleep. While I am cuddling him I am thinking, "go back to sleep. I need to finish my blog post." Instead of enjoying the cuddle time. What is wrong with me?)
Well it was a beautiful restaraunt and I love my husband for thinking of it for me. We will have to go back when Aiden is older.
Today will be a better day. It is sunny and warm and we will go someplace for fitting for Aiden, maybe go to the zoo or the wild animal park so he can meet some of his monkey relatives;)

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