Saturday, August 30, 2008

A week or so in pictures

So it begins...
This is at Home Depot, last Wednesday. The reason for the picture is, this is a monumental moment. Isabella and Aiden despise each other. And yet for these few moments in the store they were holding hands and walking up and down the aisle while they waited for me. It was precious and may never happen again.

Last Friday, I decide it is time to do some shopping. Only because Aiden has now ran out of food. Josh and I have been scrounging for a while. I HATE grocery shopping and it has been several weeks since I had gone. Aiden refuses to sit in the cart, or mommy doesn't want to deal with the constant fit. The strap doesn't keep him in and he will jump ship. So I usually hold him. One hand on the cart one on him. This time we discovered Aiden likes to "push" the cart. So this kept him bust and freed up my hands. Plus he looked super cute.

Saturday was work at the house day. Aiden had a blast climbing on the gravel mountain in his jammies.

Later that day they played in the pool. Aren't we so lucky? Our new house has a pool.

Tuesday Morning comes along and we find that our new house has been flooded. That is an issue that gets my blood boiling. We have an irrigation ditch along our property. We DON'T have any water rights, therefore it is NOT our responsibility to maintain the ditch. But nobody does and our house was flooded. Come to find out, apparently almost everybody on either side of the ditch has at some point had their basement flooded. WHY is this OK? I am not going to tolerate it. I have new carpet getting installed in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday around noon. A sucker in one hand and a chicken nugget in the other. Can life get any better?

Tuesday Afternoon. We took the scouts to Wheeler Farm. We got to milk a cow, "the old fashion way, like in the cartoons," (as Collin put it). If you look real closely you can see Aiden touching it with "One" finger. In our house we have started a new rule. If it's ok for an adult to touch it then Aiden can to but only with one finger. I am so sick of saying "Don't Touch." And why can't he, he just saw me touch it 30 seconds ago. That makes no sense. So now he can. The only problems we have ran into include, picture frames, they still knock over with one finger. TV Power button, and something else I can't remember. But he gets it. We didn't even tell him to use one finger on the cow.

What a busy day. Tuesday night we went out to dinner with Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Roy. We went to Joe Morleys BBQ in Midvale. It was surprisingly really good. It is in the ghetto which scared me, but it tasted great, was reasonable for a BBQ place and was almost empty on a Tuesday evening so the monster could run around. He had some ribs and as you can see enjoyed them. He also really liked the BBQ sauce, which seemed spicy for a baby, but...

And last Wednesday morning. The car seat had been in Josh's car and he put it back in the truck for me. Well I guess he didn't put it in tight and I didn't check (it was buckled, I checked that). I drove to the new house, only a couple blocks. Parked and turned around to get Aiden, this is how I found him. I laughed so hard. Not a peep from him the entire way there. I told him he needs to tell me if his car seat is tipping over.

So I guess I am almost caught up on our lives. I am glad I take lots of pictures or I would forget entirely what happens. Busy Busy.

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The Lund Five said...

Cute post, although I believe the restaurant is called Joe Morley's not Bob Marley's. I have never eaten there, but we always get their baked beans for birthday parties and stuff. I love them.