Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where did my summer go?

Oh yes, I was remodeling a house.

I am glum. I realized on Monday that my summer was over. No Raging Waters, and so many other things I cannot mention or the tears will stream. We went to Cottonwood Heights Pool on Friday and enjoyed the last outdoor pool session we will have this year. It's funny that I honestly didn't not realize the summer was coming to an end until this weekend. Imagine my shock.

And in the spirit of summer ending, and because why else have pets...

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jamie lynette said...

Ok the pictures from your last few blog posts are priceless. I had no idea Bella and Aiden hated each other. Hmmm...I wonder why...How does Parker get along with both of them?

Also what is the name of the author of Love & Logic there are a few different versions by different authors. I'm excited to go get it (and our library does have any copies of any version so I'll have to buy it like you suggested!).