Friday, September 12, 2008


Lately Aiden has been calling Josh "Mama" alot. He used to say Daddy more than Mama, but now we are both Mama. When he calls Josh Mama we correct him and then he will say Daddy. Well last night around 2 A.M. Aiden wakes up pretty happy. I can hear him on the monitor just gabbin away. He then oviously gets sick of being in his crib so he starts calling for me. "Mama, maamaaa, mamaaa, mama, maaaamaaaa,...." and many more versions of the word. He does this for 5 or 10 minutes (it's 2 in the morning, of course I am trying to ignore him, he's not crying). Then he pauses and says "Daddy?" You can just hear the question in his voice. It was hilarious, I just busted up laughing and Josh woke up to me laughing, of course not to Aiden's long rant.

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