Monday, September 15, 2008

State Fair

I LOVE the State Fair! Look forward to it every year. This year I got to bring Aiden!
My favorite things about the Fair are;
1. Baby Pigs. Every year there is a batch of baby pigs. So cute. One year I saved a baby pigs life. It was chewing on a broken balloon and I pulled it out of it's mouth. Stinkin kids letting their balloons pop. Just call me Dr. Doolittle.

2. The Rodeo. Awesome. This is my adorable little boy at the Rodeo.

3. The Food. No where else in the world can you get fair food. I just plan on getting sick and I embrace it. This is Aiden's face with some leftover "Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich". Yum Yum. I wanted to bring Josh home some fried oreo's but the guy said they wouldn't last until tomorrow.
4. People Watching. Boy are there some freaks at the fair. Not the 'Carni Folk' that came with the rides but people that actually paid the admission to go. My eyes are wide open, jaw dropped at the fair. Do these people actually live in Utah and do they only come out to go to the fair? Wow.

From now on Aiden needs to ride in the front of the double stroller. He would not stop picking on Bella. Which I thought was funny, but she did not enjoy.


Likely said...

okay, question - remember when you were telling me that Aiden is a screamer? WEll, I have a screamer. A SCREAMER!!!!!! All the time. When does it stop??????? ARrrgh. It's driving me nuts!

Please tell me it stops.

Aiden is adorable. You WOULD love the State Fair and Aiden has no chance with his HUMONGOUS collection of stuffed animals.


Likely said...

And you are so right about the folks at the fair - FREAKS! My sis in law actually wrote a post about that too - she lives in UTah and was at a fair in Utah County.

My best friend in HS dated a Carni - she never lived it down either. Sure he ran the extreme bungi jumping booth, but still it WAS at the fair and so he TOTALLY a carni.