Sunday, September 28, 2008

Burger King

Tonight we stopped at the Burger King in Park City on our extremely LONG journey home from Yellowstone (posts to follow). I was tired, hungry, and super cranky. I went to order, I ordered Aiden a kids meal. He asked what I wanted to drink with my kids meal. I looked at Aiden on my hip and said, "What do you want to drink?" Thought to myself, it's too late for sugar. I said, "Milk Please. The worker then said to me, "Is that a sign? He looks at your boob and you know he wants milk." (laughs at himself). Are you kidding me? A) I didn't notice Aiden looking at my boob 2) Why are you looking at my boob and C) Can you even say boob to a paying customer?

It gets better. We sit down to eat. Rachael notices that the apple fries look brown. She checks the expiration date, yep, they're expired. I cannot go back to that counter and talk to that guy again. So Rachael takes all the apple fires back and says, "These are expired." He says, "How expired are they?" Again, are you kidding me? I don't care if they are 30 seconds expired my kid is not eating them. (BTW they were 3 days expired). Especially when you have to pay extra to get the healthy apple fries.

Overall very unimpressed with the Park City Burger King. Is this what service is coming to?

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