Monday, August 25, 2008


Jamie just sent me an email and reminded me that I have not posted about last weeks "Being a Better Mother." If you recall our goal is to do something new with our kids every week. Last week I sat down and started reading books with Aiden. I know most of you do this already and regularly, well I haven't. We have a zillion books, but considering Aiden's level of energy, have not wanted to try. He really liked it. We added it to our routine and are now reading almost every day. So I consider it a step forward.
Also in my quest to screw up my child as little as possible, I started reading a book called "Love and Logic." Awesome! If you can read one parenting book, and trust me that is all I will get to reading this year, this is the book. Buy a copy, don't borrow it. It is one you will want to re-read every so often as a refresher.
What will we do this week?
I am open to comments about things you have tried with your toddlers that they loved. I lack creativity.


Rach & Kids said... I have the book, and it's pretty much awesome. It has activities by age, and time of year. I can't believe you've never seen me use it. I love that book.

Bohn Family said...

Get Kindermusik cd's and do it at home with your little guy! It is so much fun!!! Kaleb loves when we turn on our cd's and dance to the music. We try to act out what the music sounds like (well Briana & I do - not Kaleb). Kids love music!