Monday, August 4, 2008

Puttin it away

Why is my son so skinny? When we go out to dinner, I have to order him his own meal off the kids menu or he eats more than half of mine. He finishes his meal off the kids meal and has tastes off of everybody else's plates. We went to Applebees tonight and he eats more than his 2 older cousins (4 & 6). Oh by the way don't go to the Draper Applebees. I went when they first opened and it was a horrible experience, but I thought I'd give them another shot since they were new. Yep still sucks. The one in Fort Union is great. Also they have a super yummy California Salad. I thought I had at least another year until I had to start paying for Aiden to have his own meal. Guess not.

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Bohn Family said...

Hey you! Your little guy is so dang cute! I read a little on your blog & saw the generation rescue stuff - & it made me want to hug you! Yeah!!! Moms out there are getting the message before it is too late! I am not against the vacinations but they need to be done more carefully! You are AMAZING to give your child what you feel is right & not do things out of pressure from doctors! We miss you guys! I love all the cute pictures!!!geri