Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A prouder mother, there never was.

My friend Jamie and I, in order to be better mothers have started a club. OK not really but we are trying to do more innovative things with our children. Each week we try to do a new activity with our child and report on it. So this week wasn't very innovative, but it was something I haven't tried with Aiden and that is the point. To get us out of our boring routine. He kept finding my pens and then what seemed to be, attempted to scribble on my bills. I had no idea he even knew that was what pens were for. He is so observant. So I went and got out the crayons and paper. Taking out those brand new fresh crayons and handing them over to him was hard for me. I love sharp crisp crayons and I knew there fate.
(side note, Aiden just came over to me and gave me the snottiest kiss. He opened up his mouth and leaned in... I looked at that mess, thought twice, but couldn't refuse, when he was initiating it.)
Anyway, he colored for such a long time. I was bored long before he was. I thought kids were supposed to have an extremely short attention span. He worked on one page for quite a while and then like he actually had intended to draw something, he pushed it away and grabbed the next sheet. I put the old one back so I could have it all on one sheet. He pushed it away again and started coloring on a fresh page.

Coloring with Aiden was so great. I teared up for a moment because I was so proud. Then he got bored and tried to color on the drink coaster, a bag and the table. I tried to direct him back to the paper and he would have none of that. So to save my beautiful table I took away the crayons and moved him. Oh the tantrum that ensued. I guess he really enjoyed coloring. We will have to add that to our routine.
The Masterpiece!

Oh and I didn't help him at all! Not one little bit and I really had to fight the urges to cup his hand in mine and show him how to do it. Every little scribble on there was all him!

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jamie lynette said...

Way to go Aiden! Thomas doesn't even like crayons very much (compared to markers)-they're hard to use. You are a natural!

We definately have added coloring to our routine, although coloring time means strapped into the high chair. I don't even want to know what it'd be like if he had free reign!