Saturday, August 23, 2008

River Rafting

A couple of weeks ago we went River Rafting. We spent a wonderful week up in the mountains, in a beautiful cabin on the way to Jackson Hole. It was in Star Valley Ranch. We both brought up our lap tops. Josh had plans to work at nights and I was going to do alot of real estate courses. Neither of us did. It was so relaxing. We wanted to stay there forever. Even Josh didn't want to leave and come back to work.
Our friends Robert and Darcy came with us. The first night we went to Bar J Wranglers Chuck wagon dinner. They played cowboy music and my little guy loved to stand in the aisle and dance.
Then the next morning it was "Snake River here we come!"
Josh's dad, Ray organizes the entire trip every year and I look forward to the next year, about a day after we get home. I am planning my pregnancy and births around this trip for the rest of my life. (FYI Ray we are doing this the rest of my life).
Ray video tapes us on the rapids. Here is a picture of him and Farfar (Josh's great-grandpa) videoing us as we load into the boats.
And here is the group in the front of the boat on one of our runs.
Rustin? (one of BYU Emily's friends), Me, Darcy, and Robert.
Back of the boat
My new friend, who's name escapes me, My handsome husband Josh, who is the greatest river rafting Captain ever (he is great at hitting rapids, only occasionally hitting the sides of cliffs/rocks and very rarely having people get injured on his boats) and Lina.

And Robbie "riding the bull" going into one of the rapids.
Maybe if your nice we'll invite YOU next year.......

PS: If you want to see more pictures click here

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