Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Zeke's Haircut

I regularly shave Joce and Toby because they are big shedders. This week Zeke got a haircut. He doesn't really shed but his long hair was starting to get really tangled and I was afraid somebody would find him and think he was a dumpster dog.

Before Picture

After Picture
I was going to shave him completely, but I thought this looked funny. He has a little skirt of fur. I'll probably shave it all next time the clippers come out. This was just phase one.
Also the hair on his head has become really gnarly. I really like the bohemian dreadlocks look. So when they get bathed (about 2x a month, I have been making Josh leave the dreads in. No shampooing the top)
Bohemian Sheik
Now Zeke is cold all the time and he has to snuggle his brother and wear a hoody.

Love my boys.


Diane Owen said...

how funny! cute doggies.

The Lund Five said...

Cute doggies! I love how they are cuddling up to each other.