Sunday, April 27, 2008


Some friends of ours have a little boy who needs a liver transplant. On his blog there is a link for donations. I want all of you to look at this little boy and try to imagine what it would be like if your little baby needed a transplant and what it would be like for you. I shutter to think...
Gavin could get his new liver any day now. It is going to be costly for Beth and Andre. So please please go to Gavin's page and donate. Instead of going to lunch this week donate the $5 or $10 you would have spent and have P B & J. If you want I'll make it for you. The other thing about donating is this, A lot of times we don't donate because we can only spare a small amount and we are afraid of what people will think when we only give $1 or $5, they probably don't know you so don't be embarrassed to give a couple bucks. I am sure they would be grateful for every cent. I would be.

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PS: His page has REALLY great music. I just open it up and leave it on in the background.

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