Friday, April 4, 2008

Big Boy Crib

About a month ago, On March 8th to be exact, We decided it was time to lower Aiden's crib to the lowest position. Since he had started to pull himself up on things. One key point I should probably mention is this, Who knows why we decided to do this, Aiden was still sleeping in our room. Just hopefullness I guess. Well we finally did it! After the lectures from the pediatrician and me finally having enough of the exhaustion, I put Aiden down for his naps and bedtime in his big boy crib. I say I did it, because Josh was out of town. I am so proud of myself. Now he has been sleeping in his own room for 3 nights and all naps! Hip Hip Hooray!
It is a much longer walk for me when he wakes up at night, but we are liking it so much. We can actually talk in bed.
These pictures are from the night we lowered it. (A month ago)

"What is this thing you have put me in?"
How does it Taste?

Maybe it's not so bad.


{ Bethany } said...

"How does it taste?" hehehe, so cute!

Diane Owen said...

I am SO proud of you!! It will be great for Aiden and for you two. Hip hip hooray!!!!!!

jamie lynette said...

Congrats! And the bumper looks great!!! Nice work. Thomas 'happy lion' one fell apart when we took it off and washed it :(

rachael said...

ummm... the kid is hungry.. please feed him so he can stop eating his crib.