Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Calling all Seamstress'

I am in desperate need of somebody who can sew and do it well. I can sew but not well.
When Aiden was a baby he had these really unfashionable pants. We called them his house pants. We all have house pants that we don't leave the house in except the occasional trip to the Home Depot (the only place where it doesn't matter what you wear). Any ways, I cannot find more of those house pants. So I need somebody who can look at his old ones and sew me some new ones in his size and a size or two bigger. I am willing to pay for the time spent. If you can or you know of somebody who can please comment or email me or call me.
I have to go to the storage unit to get the house pants but then I will post a picture.

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Diane Owen said...

My sister is a goddess about such things. She is pretty busy, but loves to help with these kinds of projects. She lives down in provo, but if you could get me a pair of "house pants" i'm sure I could get some to her and let her work her magic. I haven't asked her about any of this, but I can.