Sunday, April 20, 2008

Funny thought, while Josh serves up dinner

My sister and I take turns planning family night. When it was my turn I planned roller skating (earlier post). Before we left the kids were harassing me continuously about where we were going (I wanted it to be a surprise). So me being the wonderful aunt that I am told them we were going to the Dump. I continued to tell them that up until we arrived at the skating rink. A few days later Bella asked me if we could go to the dump again. She continues to ask her mother and I when we can go to the dump. I didn't realize that she didn't know what the dump was and had never been to the skating rink so as far as she is concerned, that was the dump. I laugh to think of who else she tells. "My aunt to me to the dump". "I want to go to the dump."

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