Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nothing New

I was thinking I hadn't posted in a while. I wanted to, so usually I go through our pictures and it reminds me of an event to write about. Nothin new.... So how 'bout
The cutest guy in the world... according to me
OK we do realize at some point we have to stop taking these pictures, but it's too cute.

Aiden had his 6 month check up. Nothing to write home about. He got 4 shots and was miserable for days. He's still small, thank you we know, enough with the comments.
Weight 15 lbs 1 oz. Height 26 1/2". Head 43 cm ("It's frickin' huge"(Irish accent))(name that movie).
Josh is currently taking his first business trip, in his new position. Good Luck Daddy! He is going to be traveling a bit more than we would like but hopefully it will be worth it. Bring us back lots of presents!
I am still doing the same things laundry and cleaning, it NEVER ends! Nothing new...


jamie lynette said...

Oh my goodness he is such a cute boy! I love the little naked picture. (And by the way the ski bibs are from Old Navy - my mom bought them last year at the end of the winter season...go look now before they are gone!!!)

The Lund Five said...

My guess for the movie would be something like Austin Powers or another movie with Mike Meyers. Aiden is a very cute little boy.

jamie lynette said...

Right with the Mike Meyers, but it is So I Married an Axe Murderer. Sorry I forgot to say that I know it!