Sunday, January 27, 2008


I haven't written about me for a while.
Josh and I have acquired a condo to use as a rental property. It has been really a lot of work. I am trying to deal with most of it since Josh already has a day job. As if raising a baby wasn't enough. I have been cleaning, painting, tearing out cabinets, taking a million phone calls, checking references and stressing myself out. I am exhausted and overwhelmed and really grumpy!
Also, as you read, prior post, we are trying to get Aiden to have a bedtime routine (unswaddled). I CANNOT handle his crying to sleep. Josh thinks we need to and I am about ready to lose it. I am starting to read some book about it so I can help myself overcome this. Any help or suggestions? Mostly for me to deal better.
Still working with my Trainer at the gym. Only 93 sessions to go. Josh went with me on Friday and he now feels my pain, literally.
Not the most upbeat post ever, now you see why I mostly blog about Aiden.


jamie lynette said...

I miss the posts about Aiden!!! :) j/k Nice work on getting everything ready with your rental- I am quite impressed that you've taken on that task. That is much more than I could ever handle.
For some reason I thought you were doing some sort of podfitness. So I was thinking 93 sessions...dude just do one a day and you are done for the year in 3 months. But if it is killing you-that may not be a good idea. Are you feeling/seeing results that you want? Travis and I debated on what "exercise" would be best for us. We've actually started doing a pilates video 3 times a week and I must say I think it does give me a bit more endurance.
As for Aiden and sleeping. I feel your pain. Thomas is still a mess at night. The nice thing is he loves the evening routine (dinner, bath, stories, milk, bed), the problem is after 3 hours of sleeping he wakes up a million times. I'm sorry you are dealing with the cry it out. Again you are more tough than I am. I couldn't (so I did last more than 1 night at a time of it) ever do that. But it is probably better now that Aiden can't stand (at least I don't think he can). Once he starts standing he'd just stand there crying and you'd never get any where. Good luck!

{ Bethany } said...

There are less harsh versions of crying it you sorta graduate it out. The first few days you wait 5 minutes everytime he cries before you go pick him & rock him back to sleep (or what have you) and you stay in there with him for 20 minutes. The next few days, you wait 10 minutes before going in when he cries, and you only pick him (no rocking) and only stay in the room for 15 minutes. Next few days you wait 15 minutes to go in when he cries, and you only stand by the crib and soothe him and only stay in the room for 10 minutes. Then you wait 20 minutes and only stand in the doorway and whisper to him, and only for 5 minutes, etc etc etc.

Over the course of a few weeks he "should" be getting better about going back to sleep on his own. This way its not just constant crying-screaming-redfaced/not breathing-throwing up and then sleeping in said throw up (this happened to my cousin when she was a lil girl and my aunt made her cry it out one night, how sad huh?!) :P