Monday, January 21, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son

Aiden finally got his first 4-wheeler! Hopefully no broken ribs for this guy.
I was perusing the D.I. Yes folks, I said the D.I. and what to my wandering eyes should appear?
Deal of the century, $3.00. I am now a fan of the D.I.(Deseret Industries)

Side Note, most don't know the heading picture on our blog page is of a 4-wheeler suspended in a tree. The handy work of one, Emily. That is how the broken rib comment ties in.


Diane Owen said...

sweet! I would definitely try and avoid the broken rib with him though :) He looks awfully adorable on it.

The Lund Five said...

That is such a good deal. I may have to start shopping at the D.I.

jamie lynette said...

I love (and miss) the DI! Way to go on the deal. And I am so glad I was there for such a memorable moment in your life (the real 4 wheeler accident), although I feel horrible that you had to break a rib. But Aiden looks like he loves it!!! The cabin hasn't sold yet so maybe we can still go again!

{ Bethany } said...