Monday, January 28, 2008

Getting to Know You - A to Z

I stole this idea from my sister in law. I am doing for Aiden since this is really his blog.

A attached or Single: Single and always will be if it's up to Mommy

B best friend: Toby and Mom

C cake or pie: Boob Milk

D day of choice: Saturday

E essential item: Diapers, Wipes, Mom

F favorite color: Baby Blue

G gummy bears or worms: Prolly be worms, boys like worms

H hometown: Draper, UT

I indulgences: Sleeping In, Long Naps, Letting Toby Lick me to death (Video to Come)

J January or July: July

K kids: Just ME

L life is incomplete without: Mom, Dad, Binky, Blanket

M marriage date: No Thanks

N number of siblings: 3, 2 brothers, Toby & Zeke and 1 sisters Joce

O oranges or apples: Apples, haven't tried Oranges

P phobias or fears: being alone and the dark. Ok moms the one afraid of the dark.

Q quotes: Whaaa wha whaaa whaa (adults from"Peanuts")

R reason to smile: Tickles

S season: Summertime (haven't seen springtime yet)

T tag three friends: I tag Thomas, James, and Kade, well really their mommies.

U unknown fact about me: I'm constipated! WHAT, mom just told me she told everybody. I'm so embarrassed.

V very favorite store: Babies R Us

W worst habit: Crying

X x-ray or ultrasound: ultrasound FOR SURE

Y your favorite food: Boob Milk

Z zodiac: Cancer

This pictures lets you get to know me a bit too much!


The Lund Five said...

very cute idea to do that for Aiden. It was funny! Cute baby pictures. I need to take more pictures of my kids.

Diane Owen said...

I did our tag! Aiden is a sweet baby. When are we going to hang out? We leave like 10 minutes apart...its really quite silly that we don't see each other!