Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aruba - Day 2

We hopped on the bus to head up to the lighthouse today. It dropped us off at the last stop which was Arashi Beach. Aiden saw the beach so we of course had to do that first. I sat down with Owen on my lap in the very very shallow water and boy did he scream. He absolutely hated it. I'm not sure what about it he hated. The water was a perfect temperature. So maybe it was the waves as they came up and startled him. But we didn't last long. I got him out and held him under a palm shelter while Josh and Aiden played.
Then we decided to walk to the lighthouse. Along the way we saw two wild parrots on a cactus. It was a hot uphill walk but we made it. We looked it up after and it was about 3 miles. About 2 minutes up at the lighthouse and we headed back to the bus stop. Then back to our hotel for showers.
We went to my favorite stop when we are out of town, for dinner. The Hard Rock Cafe. Got ripped off by the waiter in typical Hanks/Aune tradition :)