Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aruba - Day 1

Today we arrived in Aruba. Holy cow is it hot and humid here! The boys did great on the flight. Aiden hardly slept at all. Maybe 3 hours on an overnight flight. On the second leg of the flight, we all fell asleep. Except Aiden, I think the flight attendants kept an eye on him.
We arrived at our hotel. What an unpleasant experience. The reason for picking Aruba was that we had gotten an amazing deals on somebody's time share week, that they were unable to use. So we checked flights. We used all our skymiles points to get the flights. I thought, for an 11 hour flight, we should get more than a week in, so I booked us 4 extra nights using our Hilton points. So all in all, a very inexpensive vacation.
Then a few nights before it was time to go, we checked to see how close our hotels were to each other. Well it turns out they were not very close at all. In fact our Hilton hotel was on another island. Crap. It would cost $150 per person to change our flight. $300 per person to fly to the other island. So I searched for the cheapest hotel I could find. And boy did I find it!
We got to our room around 2pm. By 3 pm we were all in bed napping until 7pm. Then we headed out to find a grocery store. The lady at the front desk said to take the bus. We waited at the bus stop for 20 minutes. Folded up the incredible large stroller, Then took the bus about 2 minutes and got off. It would have been a 10 minute walk from our Hotel. Duh! But now we knew.
We came home to bed and had a freezing nights sleep. The bed was so hard, but we were too tired to care. The air conditioning had 2 temperatures freezing and freezinger. Oh and the sign said, "do not turn off air condition". Out of fear it would break, we did not turn it off.

Here are the boys in their stroller during our walk.


Likely said...

gosh, all of this seems so fun, except for the freezing room! Why ARuba? So exotic! I didn't know if there was something special about that destination choice. Are you all tan and stuff? I am so pasty and nasty.

I need a vacation like yours!

Likely said...

wait, I remember seeing more posts about aruba -- where did they go?? am I going crazy?

Likely said...

oh, I just checked in google reader and you did post more about aruba, but must have deleted it. I am NOT going crazy. It was about Josh's windsurfing.

okay. just making sure.

em said...

No Tiffany you are not crazy. I wrote all these posts while we were actually on vacation, so I wouldn't forget. I saved all of them as drafts so I could add pictures later and so nobody knew we were out of town for 2 weeks and broke into our house and stole all our GOOD stuff:). But that one I accidentally pushed post instead of save as draft. So I guess it got auto emailed.
We chose Aruba because, somebody couldn't use their timeshare and was selling it for SUPER cheap!

No we aren't tan. I'm a sunscreen fanatic. But everybody else there was. I'm still fish belly white.
I planned the vacation in my 8th month of pregnancy. I needed something desperately to look forward to.