Friday, April 30, 2010

Aruba - Day 3

Today we switched Hotels. What a difference a hotel makes. Yesterday I was thinking, Aruba isn't a place we ever have to visit again. And today, I could live here. This room is as big as our upstairs of our house. I think about 850 sq ft. We have a room on the 10th floor. I sat on the couch and watch parasailers most of the afternoon. If I had to pick a window to stare out of while sitting on a couch in my depressed state. This would be it :) Check out this view.
Yesterday Aiden wore his first swim diaper. We emphasized many time that he needs to tell us if he needs to go potty. Even though you can go potty in a swim diaper, we thought it was a good opportunity for teaching him to tell us and, we didn't want him pooping in it because, lets face it swim diapers are expensive. Only one per day. Well I guess since we had stressed the importance of this, he felt it necessary to announce very loudly at the pool, every time AFTER he went pee.

The pool has a lazy river so around 9:30 at night, I decided I wanted to go swimming. We got some inflatable tubes and floated for about an hour on the river. Owen eventually fell asleep in my arms on top of the tube. We were literally the only people out on the river. It was so calm, well except for Aiden being there. In the day I swear there are thousands of people on this lazy river. Bumper to Bumper tubes.
What a great day! Today I love my husband! Today I love my boys! I wish I could bottle up this feeling, and let it out on those not so loving days.


Than & Lina said...

sounds more fun :)

Likely said...

what therapy this is for you -- I don't want you to go home! I know what you mean about bottling up a feeling. Can you send me a bottle of that????

what a view! and a lazy river sounds like just what I need. a lazy river and a lazy hotel with a lazy delicious breakfast.