Thursday, April 1, 2010

Merry Christmas

I didn't get all my cards sent out like I had hoped. So if you didn't get one...
We have mostly finished remodeling our house in South Jordan. A much bigger project than we had anticipated.

Aiden is a very rambunctious 2 1/2 year old. We have our hands quite full. He is very handsome and has SO much personality! He keeps us laughing. Aiden is spoiled rotten. Emphasis on Rotten.

We decided to have another baby. This decision was of course made before Aiden hit the "terrrible two's" or certainly we would have chosen not to. The new baby is due the beginning of February and we don't know what flavor it will be. We love surprises!

Josh is still working at Fusion-io and loving it and doing fantastic if I do say so myself. He also has a mistress, her name is work. Also this year he has become a much better husband and father, not that he wasn't great before, cuz he was.

Em finally got her Associates Degree, so as somebody put it, would now like to be referred to as "Associate Emily Aune." In addition she has been starting her Real Estate career and due to that and the difficult pregnancy, has become a much worse wife and mother.

We had a wonderful trip to Norway this summer. It has been a lifelong dream of Josh's to go there and we were very lucky to get the opportunity, even if a coke cost us $6.

Other than that, we are just chuggin along with the rest of the world. This time of year we are reminded of how very blessed we are. We are wishing you the same.

Love, Josh, Em, Aiden, and the fetus.

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