Thursday, April 1, 2010

This, That and The Other

I have wanted to blog but not really had much to blog about. So I went through our pictures.

My mom took me on a spa weekend to Mesquite. It was amazing! Owen got to wear shorts! Coming home was REALLY hard.

I have been able to get back to scrapbooking and I get to go out a couple nights a month while Josh watches the boys. Now there are 3 binkis in this picture. Wow! Finally I have made Aiden give up the binki except at night and nap, and he can keep it for those until he's 18 for all I care. I say "I" made him, because Josh had done it a long time ago, but I still let him have it when he was with me, which is most of the time. So YAY! He will sometimes take Owen's just to hold it and if he wants to put it in his mouth, he asks first and I say no, and he is usually good with that.

We finally got to meet Phoenix, my new nephew, born 3 days before Owen. He's bigger, has more hair and is more like a little person. But he has the undivided attention of 2 adults. Owen is a second child :)

We did our family pictures ourselves. Not bad for free.

We have been thinking of making an addition the our family. Just looking so far...

And we still have crazy dogs:)
the end


jennybrum said...

Cute pictures, I'm glad you updated. We had a good time the other night, we will have to do that again soon...maybe when my kids aren't being so needy so I can cuddle Owen longer! He thinks he's got it bad with second child syndrome, he should talk to Kyanna about fourth child syndrome! ;)

luken said...

The doc pics arn't staged, they like sitting in the little blue chair and Zeek is always standing on Toby.

Than & Lina said...

This post has so many great pictures. I love Aiden feeding Owen. Your family pictures look so good. The pictures of your dogs are hilarious. Nice work, nice post.