Monday, August 31, 2009


As I have before mentioned, I am not reading books with this pregnancy. I know the basics.
A few weeks ago, Josh and I were trying to find the baby. It was hard to find. The baby should have been the size of a lemon, why couldn't we find it?
Throughout this pregnancy there has been this hard lump above my belly button. I figured it was my stomach or some other organ that had been misplaced with the addition of the baby to my insides. I always made people feel it and me and Josh always poked at it because it was so funny and strange feeling. Sometimes we thought it was a giant gas bubble.
Well my sister Ali came in town and told me that "at 16 weeks your baby should be 2 inches above the belly button." Oops. We thought it would be lower by where all your girly parts are.
Our poor baby has been poked and prodded, un-gently for quite a while. If it comes out blind with strange indentations, it was totally our fault. Sorry baby.


alison said...

Its the top of the uterus that you are poking, prolly not the exact baby :) so she is ok LOL

mindy said...

The guilt begins already? lol