Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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One day Josh suggested we take the ice tray outside and dump it and play with it. We did. Aiden didn't play with the ice. But when it melted, it was sure fun to lick it up.

We have been doing a lot of yard work lately. This was how I found Aiden, when he was helping one day. He put the gloves on himself.
Do to the fact I have been soooo sick with the pregnancy, My sweet husband went and bought me a TV for our bedroom. You must understand the magnitude of this gesture. He swore we would NEVER have a TV in the bedroom. I am sure it will leave after the baby, but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

Aiden has been allowed to watch more TV since I am sick and he turned 2. Boy is he addicted. There is no talking to him when the TV is on. Here he is laying in the Luv Sac with Toby watching a movie.
First day of Pre-School. He was so excited to go. He and Josh had to wait outside for me to finish getting ready because Josh couldn't pull him away from the door. Now he knows what school is and he's not excited. I am having a hard time. I cry when I pick him up. I'm not sure why, I feel guilty and I missed him so much. He had a hard day today . He was sad and missed me, they said. This is going to be HUGE for us, if we get through it.
We bought new shoes for school, which he loves. I think that is the only non-masculine thing about Aiden. He loves shoes!

And so I life continues...

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Than & Lina said...

I LOVE the picture of Aiden "helping." Maybe I'll get to see more of you guys when we move. That's too bad he doesn't like school... I keep forgetting to ask - you are taking one class and then you are done in December, or what?