Monday, September 21, 2009

Can you put a price tag on an eye?

It's sad that I have so many posts that begin with a disclaimer. This is one...
Warning, there are some NASTY pictures. Also you may find it tasteless. I have had such a horrible day and am so sickened by this experience that I have to now find the humor in it or I will not stop crying or vomiting. So pardon my tasteless humor.

Joce (the pug) had an eye issue. A month ago our entire family went through a bout of eye infections, starting with Aiden and ending with Toby the dog, oh wait, it ended with Josh's 2nd turn with it :).
Well less than a week ago Joce's eye got boogery so we thought it was her turn. Today Josh looked at her and said there was something black in it and I needed to take her to the vet. So we went at 2:00pm, our regular vet said she had an ulcer on it and that we needed to go to a specialist if we wanted to save her eye. $89 spent there and Off we went. We arrived at the specialist, waited an hour and half to be told she needed surgery tonight or in the morning. They went to get me an estimate on costs. 20 minutes later I was balling hysterically on the phone with Josh. $2500 -$3000. What do we do?
Josh: Are there any other options.
Well they can remove her eye.
Josh: So she'll have a glass eye.
I laugh, "no they sew it shut."
Josh: I'd want to keep my eye.
I laugh again.
Josh: What are the chances she will be able to see?
Josh: Then we HAVE to do it.
This is what she would look like if we decided to remove her eye. Not bad....

This is what she looks like now. Resting comfortably at home with both eyes. She has her Daddy to thank for that.

This is a sketch of the problem. You pay extra for pictures:)

The following are the photos of the surgery, graft, that they had to do on Joce's eye. Not actually Joce but similar surgery.
Does that look like a $2700 surgery to you?

And Lastly, this is what was staring at me as I used the bathroom. Just made me all sorts of uncomfortable.

So this weekend we are having a charity garage sale. "Save Joce's Eye!" OK tasteless I know. But we were going to probably have a garage sale anyway but now for sure cuz we need every penny we can get. And it won't be a charity event.... Did I mention I just spent the last 6 hours at the vet and it costs me a small fortune? Allow me some humor in the situation.


Than & Lina said...

I'm sorry that things turned out so serious and that you had to go through that! I hope the garage sale goes well and I'm still trying to figure ways that I can help for a little bit.

Likely said...

AAAHhhhhh, poor thing! You have been through some hard things lately, sweetie! Tough decision alwyas, even tougher when you are all hormonal emotional pregnant.

I think of your guys every time I drive through Darlington.

Likely said...

I am going to be in Utah for my brother's wedding in April ---- woohoo! We'll have to hang out!

I am going to Idaho Falls next weekend....