Monday, September 28, 2009

The Peanut

Today we had our big ultrasound. It was way cool. Much better than the one with Aiden. It was a sweet feeling seeing our creation. But of course I can't be serious about anything, so I was cracking jokes the entire time. I don't think they are used to people asking about tails, webbed feet, scales, and abnormally large heads during such sweet, serious moments. Fortunately, our baby doesn't seem to have any of the above ;)
It was hard not finding out the flavor of the baby. I sort of want to know with this one.
Profile Pics

Legs crossed at the ankles and a little foot. Do you see anything between the legs?


Diane Owen said...

I can't believe you are waiting again, I'm so not patient enough! Love the pictures. Makes me SO excited for my ultrasound!!! Glad everything looks good and healthy.

Than & Lina said...

I'm excited!