Monday, August 24, 2009

Want our old video camera

We bought a new video camera and are going to sell our old one at a garage sale. I thought I would let friends and family have first dibs. It's like 11 years old. Hardly used, we only had 3 videos we had to convert. It has the users manual and even a unused blank tape to record on. Josh says you needs a analog to dv video converter to download it to any computer with a firewire port. .
But you can watch them on a TV without that. I can't find the battery but it has the charger. A new battery would cost about $25.

Anyway, it serves it's purpose and works very well. Sony Handycam Video ccd-TR64 NTSC. We were going to sell it at the garage sale for $50. You can find them on ebay for $89-$125. It includes the carrying case. Plus if you bought a used one on ebay the battery would probably be shot anyway. 11 year old batteries rarely work :) It's little and cute:) Let me know if you want it.

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