Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So yesterday I was vomiting very badly. Couldn't keep anything down including water. I guess I got extremely dehydrated and started getting numb in my arm and face. We went to the ER around 10pm. During pregnancy you are at a greater risk for strokes and blood clots so they wanted to rule all that out. I just ended up having a very severe migraine and dehydration. I am supposed to rest and try to avoid stress.

We knew getting pregnant was a huge risk. Aiden was not an easy pregnancy and I was on be rest a lot. Fortunately with Aiden the first trimester was not as bad as this one. I can only hope they are switching places an it will be a walk in the park next month:)

We are going to look into some pre-schools for Aiden. The most importantly thing for me is to keep fluids down and stress down so this doesn't happen again. When I'm up and around I puke and then I get dehydrated which causes me to puke more and it is a vicious cycle:) The next option is to get at home nursing assistance and an at home IV, which we are going to try to avoid.

One other option is there is a small hole or tear in my heart that they wouldn't be able to repair until after the pregnancy. One Doctor felt very strongly about this option and another not so much. Either way, no sense worrying until after the baby comes. This option, however would explain a lot about my past medical history.

So that's where I'm at. I would love help but at the same time don't want to use all my favors. It could be a long 6 more months. I was very conflicted about getting pregnant again. I knew the odds of it being bad were very high and I felt guilty knowing I would need help and it was something I mae a conscience choice to do. Here we are, and I am still torn with those feelings. I chose to do this to myself, full on knowing what may happen. In some ways I feel like I made that choice I need to take care of myself. I asked for it! So that is probably why I haven't asked for help. I need to humble myself and take care of me and the new baby.

Thanks for any help and prayers.


mindy said...

It can be hard, but sometimes we just have to allow ourselves to take all the help that is offered. People aren't always going to do it because they expect the same in return. Sometimes they just feel that since they are able to help they strings attached.
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers...I hope that will help for now. :)

Diane Owen said...

Seriously, I am always here! If you want us to come there so I can help you out, or if you need me to take Aiden, or you both want to come over, we can do anything!!

Than & Lina said...

I'm really sorry this has been so hard! When you get discouraged look at all the adorable pictures of Aiden on your blog and maybe that will help. :)
When I had my ectopic pregnancy and surgery I felt funny letting people help me. Nate was busy, but okay, and I wasn't totally bed-ridden. I would have survived if no one brought me meals or vacuumed my house, but I learned SOOO much! It has really changed my life. One thing I was amazed by was how even the littlest bit of service or a text message made things so much better (especially since the hard part for me was emotional pain more than physical - which was terrible). I learned that one of our main reasons for being on earth is to help others (and let others help us). It makes us better people, brings meaning to our life, builds friendships & relationships (what is life without those, seriously?), and so much more. Funny thing is that a lot of people really love to help anyway. Sorry for the long comment, but I hope it makes sense.