Monday, September 29, 2008

Day by Day Yellowstone

My wonderful Grandma has a time share up in Island Park, Idaho. She mentioned to me that she wasn't going to be using it and we jumped at the chance for a free vacation. Thanks Grandma.

Day 1- Sunday we drove up after church. We arrived after dark. As I went into the office this is what I saw.
Bear Alert! I wasn't sure if I was excited or scared.
We just unloaded and relaxed that night.

We saw so many animals! I have always had this life long dream of petting a wild Bison. Well it didn't come true this trip either. But one day.....
We first went to Old Faithful and watched the geyser erupt. Then we took the long way home. We saw a herd of at least 50 Bison. They then proceeded to cause a terrible traffic jam. An ambulance showed up, just in case, I guess there are a lot of people who dream of touching a Bison. It was great. They were so close. At one point they got so close I had to pick up the kids and put them in the bed of the truck because I was nervous. After that we saw a Grizzly Bear. Yep thats right! The first time I have seen a bear in Yellowstone.
Then it was home to dinner and a late night of scrapbooking.

DAY 3 - A day of swimming.
We just stayed at the resort today and took the kids swimming twice. It was very restful. To prepare me for another late night of scrapbooking.

Day 4- Yellowstone Yipee
Today I decided to do Aiden's hair, which I never have done, because frankly theres not been much of it.
I need opinions. I wonder if he is too old for this mohawk hair style. What do you think?

In Yellowstone we headed up to what the kids later called Elk Town. It was Mamoth Hot spirings. Holy Crap. There were elk everywhere. Walking right through town. I guess we went during the "Elk Rut" which is breeding time so the rangers were plentiful and a bit on the nervous side. But I guess I wouldn't like to get hit with those big 'ol antlers.
On the way there we saw a Wolf and a Coyote. I again was crazy excited and had to get out of the car to get a close up of Mr. Wolf. All these pictures are in the slide show.
That night Aiden enjoyed some delicious Halloween Oreos
DAY 5 - Thursday - You Guessed it, Yellowstone.
Off to Old Faithful again.
We went the long way there this time. In hopes of finding my Bison herd again and petting one. No luck. We did see some polite Bison using the crosswalk at Old Faithful. One sort of charged towards me so I hid behind a van.
We ate some yumilicious Bison Chili at the cafeteria.
Saw some more beautiful animals and headed back to the room.

DAY 6- Yellowstone Again????????
I could not give up on my dream so I made us go back into the park. Today was a disappointing day for animals. We headed back up to Elk Town. On our way home we did get to see an antelope, so check that of our list.

This is what Aiden's hair can look like undone.

DAY 7 - Saturday - Headed Home, by way of Yellowstone of course
We decided to go the long way home through Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Jackson. This was only supposed to take a couple extra hours. Don't ask me how that turned into us being on the road 12 hours. I guess lots of stops, bad traffic, and bad luck.

Check out the slide show below for more pictures of my exciting stories :)

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jamie lynette said...

Ok your pictures are amazing! And I'm surprised that only 1 time did you pick up the kids because they animals were too close. Sheesh you were so close to them. That is awesome!

Glad you had some relaxing by the pool time and your Burger King boob story was hilarious!

Oh and lastely...Aiden is turning into such a little boy. All of a sudden he is losing his baby look - I can't even believe it. He is a regular dirt and mud super cute little boy!