Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Aruba May 5th

Today I had a rude awakening. Josh headed out to get some milk. Left me and the baby asleep and I guess left Aiden watching TV. Then bang bang bang. Ignore. BANG BANG BANG. Darn that Josh, I guess he forgot his room key. I stumble out in my unders and look through the peep hole. WTF. I don't know these people. Then I look a little lower and see a little blond boy dancing around in his white footy jammies. CRAP! I open the door. "Is this your kid?" Quick thought, "nope, never seen him before." I say,"Yes. thank you." "Thank You SO much!" I was hiding behind the door the whole time. I was embarrassed and shocked! Bad mom guilt swarming all over!
I swear I'm not an alcoholic who was nursing a hangover from a crazy night! Although I'm sure that is what they thought.
Then some daytime swimming, well and sleeping for Owen :)

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