Friday, May 7, 2010

Aruba. Day 10. Friday, May 7th. A Dingo Stole My Baby

Today we checked out of our BEAUTIFUL, 10th floor, ocean view, 850 sq. foot hotel room. Goodbye huge bath tub, that Owen and I spent many a fussy nights together in. Good bye beach front property. Goodbye amazing pool that has an in ground bar so you can swim right up and order a drink. Goodbye lazy river.

We rented a car for our last 2 days. Figured it would be the same price as the taxi rides to the new hotel and airport. Plus now we get to see some of the island. Lets start out by saying that there are NO street signs and the streets are all narrow and windy. What a mess!
We went to an Ostrich farm. Ate ostrich meat, which was delicious. The owner had a baby parrot that he let Aiden play with. Then we went on a tour. Of course Aiden took off and had to be saved by some local teenager and his big stick. I always manage to see Aiden right when the trouble is happening. I either need to be more on top of things, so trouble doesn't happen. Or completely oblivious and never know that strangers are saving him.
Then I had to explain that the ostriches would peck his eyes out. We got to feed the crazy ostriches.
Then we drove to Alto Vista Chapel.
It was the first church established in the whole of the Caribbean. Also called the Pilgrim's church, it was constructed by Spanish missionaries in 1750. It it quite literally in the middle of nowhere. Man, you really had to know the meaning of sacrifice if you had to walk to this church in the hot Aruban sun. Aiden fell asleep, so Josh and I took turns wondering around.

I am walking back to the car and I see this skinny, mangy dog picking up a piece of trash. Middle of nowhere, people. I have a soft spot in my heart for homeless starving dogs. So I pop open the trunk and get out a loaf of bread. I called him over. He was very hesitant and didn't get very close, so I just threw him a piece of bread. Then, slowly, one by one, different dogs would appear. All skinny and mangy. I kid you not, like 10 dogs come out from hiding. I have NO idea where the came from, it was hilarious. I turn to Josh in the car, to see if he was seeing this. He was taking pictures :)
None of them came very close. They were exactly what I imagined a dingo to look like, so I googled it and they were very similar looking. I fed them all a loaf of bread and some peanut butter captain crunch. Then when I got into the car, minutes later, all but one of them disappeared into the shadows.
And YES I am REALLY wearing that!

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Robbie and Darcy said...

Wow! Looks like so much fun. I am totally jealous! You have such a cute little family.