Monday, May 3, 2010

Aruba - Day 6 - Monday, May 3

Day 5 was Sunday - We just relaxed in our room.

Today was Josh's big day. He got to try out windsurfing. It looks super fun. He got on the board and was off right away. His instructor had to keep telling him to come back.
While sitting on the beach with the kids, Aiden kept asking what'd you find. So I asked him the same thing. "Aiden, What'd you find? Is it seaweed?" His response, "No, It's coral (cor-all)." Not a response I expected. He's been hanging out with Josh too much. Most kids would say a rock or a shell but he knows what coral is.
After wind surfing we walked back to our hotel along the beach. Aiden was taking his time and checking out every little thing. It was getting annoying going so slow, So Josh told him he was winning the race, and off he went. The kid ran and ran and ran. We were a little bit behind him very briskly walking to keep up. We could hear all the comments of people as he ran by. I guess nobody else has seen a kid run that fast for that long of a distance either.
Owen had a little too much sun and was a scream bucket the rest of the night. Aiden and Josh went for another night swim while I enjoyed a not so quiet evening with the baby:)

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