Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aruba - Day 7 - May 4th - 3 Months old!!!

So if you are bored, these posts will continue. Sorry. Its more of a journal for me. Give me a week and I'll be back on track.

This morning Josh and Aiden went out to feed the iguanas. Did I mention there are hundreds of wild iguanas on this island? The hotel staff go out every morning and give them lettuce. They come out from their hiding places.
Aiden wanted Josh to catch one, so he did :)

AND today Owen turned 3 months!!! Wow!!! This went by too quickly. It seemed like forever for Aiden to turn 3 months old, but Owen made time fly.


Than & Lina said...

I'm glad time flew by with Owen. I've been interested to see what you did with two kids in Aruba. It seems to have worked out; that's great. Good thing Anika wasn't there. We're going to Portland this weekend for a wedding (another reason we can't help with the fence). One of Than's converts from Chile is getting married there. When we bought tickets I was hoping Anika would be better. Neither of us is very excited now.

Likely said...

So cute! That outfit looks darling on him. I fell in love with those linen pants, so I am glad you liked them too!

I want to go to Aruba.