Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am ashamed.

After my minor meltdown yesterday, Josh felt it was in everybody's best interest for me to go out. He graciously offered to watch my sisters kids so we could go out. What to do on a Friday night? I am in no condition for the usual, laser tag, mini golf or para-sailing, so we decided on dinner and a movie. Well all the movies were pretty much sold out and I was not going to go to just dinner on my free night. We went to see "New Moon". I am finding myself eating my words quite a bit lately. I said I would probably see it when the hype had died down or when it was on video, but I certainly was NOT going to see it on opening night. haha.
It wasn't bad. I somehow found my humor again and had the guy behind us busting up laughing most the night with my witty remarks. I did however have to reign myself in for fear that the die hard "Twilight" fans may beat me up.
I am having a hard time deciding if I am Team Jacob or Team Edward. Edward is a fantasy, he doesn't exist in real life. He says everything you want to hear. He's romantic. He worships her. But thats not real. Jacob is real. He is stable and warm. Most of the time I think I am Team Jacob because I chose the stable real warm person. But then Edward says something that any woman would kill to hear and I teeter. So I decided I would pick from who I most likely wanted to sleep with in the movie. At first, Jacob looked like a girl and didn't do it for me, but then he cut his hair and buffed up and it was him. Total hottie! I made my decision.
Then on the way home I got to thinking, he turns in to a wolf. That could be unpleasant. At least with Edward you know what you will be waking up to the next morning. His body was definitely not as ripped as Jacob, but Jacob will age and eventually get fat. Edward will always be the same. So still undecided.
Before, the movie, we tried to do the other popular thing and go eat at In-n-Out Burger. That place was crazy. Not a chance. Well there was a chance, after the movie at 1am we only had to wait 20 minutes in the drive thru for that deliciousness!
I don't know why it bugs me so bad to do what is trendy. There is nothing wrong with it, I just hate being like everybody else. To this day I still think about changing Aiden's name. I thought it was original, but turns out it is a very popular name.

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Than & Lina said...

I'm glad you could get out! I'm excited to see you guys for Thanksgiving.