Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It is crazy how much I LOVE Halloween!!! It's only a few hours, and I can't explain why I love it, I just do. We were pirates this year. All week we have been talking like pirates to teach Aiden. He loved it, although we only know about 3 or 4 pirate phrases.

The suspense is over, now you can all see how cute we were on Halloween.

Then it was off to Grandma Jackie's for some Trick r Treating. Aiden was so good, he said "trick or treat" at every door and "thank you" after they gave him candy. I was worried his politeness had left when the rotten two year old moved in. Last year, every time somebody gave him candy, it went straight into his mouth or back up hand, then at the next house he didn't know what to do to get the new piece. This year no candy went in the mouth, but even when his bucket was very heavy he would NOT let Daddy hold it for him.

Look at all my bootie

At home in Halloween jammies and Daddy's Pirate hat.


mindy said...

Great costumes! I love that Aiden was so polite, that's awesome. :)

Than & Lina said...

Your costumes are always so great and Aiden is always so fun! It makes me happy that you were talking like pirates all week.