Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's the Power to Win

Tonight while Josh and I were reading scriptures via video chat. (Josh is in Austin)
We read this one. It is one that I really needed to come across today.
Helaman 12:3
"And thus we see that except the Lord doth chasten his people with many afflictions, yea, except he doth visit them with death and with terror, and with famine and with all manner of pestilence, they will not remember him."

I have never been literally starving, but It is true. I forget the Lord when things are going well and it is through trials that I beg for his help. I wish it wasn't this way.

Count your blessings in this time of Thanksgiving. I know there are some of you out there who have it harder than I can even imagine. But we are truly blesses. Search hard and find even one small thing that you are thankful for. Remember the Lord gave you that.

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Likely said...

This is so true. Sometimes I apologize to Heavenly Father because I treat him like a wishing well.

How are you trying to make a change? I need advice.