Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy BIrthday Josh.

My favorite picture of my favorite people (thanks Jamie)

So I have seen this on many blogs and I kind of thought it was dorky. Feel free to curse me. But my husband is out of town and so I must join in the trend.

Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Husband and a Fabulous Dad.

Oh and by the way, it's Josh's birthday today too. Happy Birthday Josh ;)

Last Years Birthday - Gosh honey, it only been a year and look how you've aged.
Even they fall asleep while reading the scriptures.

2006 Must have been a mystery birthday because I have no pictures.

I am awesome. Surprise party at Boondocks. They said he was the oldest birthday boy they had had a party for. Ohhhhhhh.

Oh Yeah! I took Josh to Disney Land for his birthday.
Celebrating at his house before his birthday,
did I mention he celebrated his birthday in Disney Land

And all the birthdays before that don't matter because I wasn't around. Nice how I make your birthday about me huh...? Well I couldn't make this birthday post all lovey dovey and sweet cuz that just ain't me ;)

Happy Birthday. We miss you and Love you! And we are getting a cake to eat and celebrate in your absence.


luken said...

Thanks babe for making my birthday so full of surprises, somehow even though we are hundreds of miles away you made my birthday happy :)

luken said...

Oh, and the edible arrangement is super yummy, as was the call in the middle of the night and the group birthday song.