Thursday, November 6, 2008

Camera 1

Like I said earlier I have been super lazy about posting things that involve pictures. So I am finding each camera (yes we are freaks and have too many cameras) and downloading pictures and blogging about what I find.
SOOOOOOOOO here comes the super long post with thousands of pictures....

Checking the date on the camera, On Oct. 20th.
Toby, I'm sure, got caught chewing on yet another thing he shouldn't. So even though Aiden was in his house pants, we decided to go to Petco and get some bones.
Good Idea: Getting bones for dogs so they stop chewing on your beloved items.
Bad Idea: Taking 3 dogs and a toddler to Petco at 8:45pm.
Aiden liked these treats

One of the few times Aiden was actually with us instead of wandering the store looking for new pets. He wanted the birds, turtles, fish and rodents. None of which he got.

Aiden wearing a cute doggie collar thing.

Toby as "Pippy Longstocking"

Josh finally found a way to keep them all entertained. The Ferret Cage. Notice Zeke sitting on a shelf of the cat climbing wall in the background.

Maybe Aiden should be a Dragon?
Trying to decide what Aiden should be for Halloween we tried on a dragon costume. Too cute!
"Where'd my feet go"

I'm just going to pretend you can't see how messy my house is. There are clean times, after Aiden goes to bed or before he wakes up.

When we got home from the hospital. Aiden was back to his usual hyper self. It made me super nervous because he was still wobbly from the drugs.
We were painting right before it happened so he looks like a homeless man.
After we cleaned him up. Look how swollen his nose is.
Draper Fall Festivities
For Family night on the 27th we went to Draper City's fall activities.
Getting his face painted

Having their fortune told by a crystal ball.
Playing Twister.
Aiden: I am only poking her with one finger so I can't get in trouble. If you recall we do have a one finger rule in our house.

Pumpkin Patch and Carving Pumpkins

Aiden loved squishing around the pumpkins guts. He thought he should be carving. He like climbing on the pumpkins. He was a crazy man. I thought we might have another trip to the ER because he was running around so much and slipping on pumpkin guts.

Isabella had a beautiful cape for Halloween. Mommy and Daddy had awesome capes, so of course Aiden wanted one. And as we all know, What Aiden Wants.....
Grandma made him one. He loved running around in it so much I couldn't get a face on shot. I am guessing the rest of Halloween is on another camera.

You can see I have been much to busy to post but, WOW!

To be Continued....

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