Monday, October 27, 2008

I can't believe we lasted this long...

What a week! I am now afraid to blink, in case after the blink I will find Aiden in a life threatening position. I am now up way past my bedtime because there literally is NO more mom time in the day.
I had been bragging about Aiden the day before to my dad. I was proud at how much he was exploring without needing his mommy by his side every second. It started last Sunday. I was in the storage room finding Halloween decorations, Josh was doing dishes by the back door, with a view to check on Aiden. I came out, stuck my head out the open door. Where is my baby? I look to the dogs who are usually near him, and start heading in their direction. Something moved me to look right and I saw my baby boy perched on top of our fort. Our fort that is 8 feet off the ground! I dropped what was in my hands, screamed and RAN towards him. I have never been so shaken. I could not calm down.
"How did he get up there?" you ask. Oh, we had a six foot construction ladder leaned up against the fort that we used to get up. Sorry no pictures, much too rushed to save him.

So the week continued with one eye always on Aiden. While this eye was on him, Thursday, he fell on our elliptical machine, I watched it happen and picked him up. Saw what I thought was just a bloody nose so I put a paper towel on it and got out the Tylenol. After more examination I realized (how do I put this without grossing you out?) his left nostril wasn't really attached to his little face anymore. Once again, I lost it. After about 8 hours in the ER at Primary Childrens, and 4 stitches, all is well.
He did so Great! When they gave him his IV, (so they could sedate him for the stitches) I held his hand, closed my eyes and talked to him. I kept waiting for the scream, but all I heard was, "all done." He didn't even wimper. It did take 2 doses of the medicine to sedate him. They said it will take at least 45 minutes for it to wear off and up to a few hours. 15 minutes later the monkey was back:) Here are some pictures. The sedation looks sad:(
The boo boo

The great IV cast, I use to hit Mama with.

"I don't want to play with these crappy toys. Get me home."


Coming out of sedation with 4 new stitches. Cheeeese!

Josh was much better at this than me. I know there are more to come with this little boy but it is hard.


mindy said...

I'm so sorry Aiden got hurt...that is so scary. I've been very lucky that my boys haven't been hurt badly, not like they haven't tried though.

jamie lynette said...

Poor Aiden! He's a dare devil like his Mommy for sure. But its never fun to get ouchies.

I'm sure it was terrifying. How are you holding up?

Rach & Kids said...

Um... I felt bad... till he hit me with his cast (in the face)... and his toys... then his cast again... then i realized it was fun for him... so i didn't feel bad anymore :)