Monday, October 20, 2008

New England

A few weeks ago we got to visit some fun friends in New Hampshire. What an action packed week. I wanted to post this sooner but there were so many pictures to decide from. Wish I could have put them all.
We arrived very late Tuesday night. After a very exhausting flight. Traveling with a toddler can really take it's, toll.
Wednesday morning it was off to Boston! Freedom Trail, China Town, Little Italy, some giant bean that is really in Chicago...

Aiden charmed a squirrel in a park. That wasn't the only animal of the day. A giant police horse head butted me and geese bit my fingers. Both of which would painful.
We ate Boston Cream Pie at the place that originally created it. Aiden was napping, but we couldn't let him miss our family tradition of eating loacational? food. SO he was awakened for the last couple bited.

After Dinner we headed to Rhode Island. We hadn't heard there was much to do but we had to cross it off our list. That night Aiden ran around the hotel lobby like a crazy boy. Pretty much all night. I crashed in the room long before he and Josh did. We checked out a few shops and a mall in Rhode Island. We saw the State house. Josh got a parking ticket. I'd say we call it a day and head off to Salem, Mass. Yes, folks, Salem, witches, Halloween, I was a kid in a candy store. I am going back next year! And the next!

Castle in the Clouds. AKA, My Future Home.
We couldn't forget Maine and Lobster Rolls. We had dinner in Kunnibunkbeds. Or maybe Kennibunk Port. Cute town on the water. Yummilicious food. I think we are seeing a pattern with food and our vacations. yummy yummy. At this point I think the little boys had had their fill of the car. There was a screaming match the last bit of the ride home. And us grownups were so frazzled all we could do was laugh.

Saturday, The end of our Journey. Today we went to Mount Washington Resort. Possibly our second home. Another beautiful sight. This time of year is amazing. We LOVE the fall colors! The boys had a better day today. Josh decided it was a stroller free day and we were going to let the boys wander and run and be free. A bit of chaos at times but they did enjoy themselves.


jamie lynette said...

Lots of fun! We miss you guys and Thomas is still praying for the 3 of you. Please come back!

By the way did Josh ever get that ticket taken care of? I remember it was on our kitchen counter, but now I don't know where it is...

Bohn Family said...

I love that picture of you and Aiden on the deck with the beautiful fall colors! Holy smokes you need to frame that one!
I haven't forgot about you and the seat cover - I just haven't figured it out yet. I tried one way and it didn't work ... it took me a couple times to figure out the other ones too - so I'll get it & call you.