Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Pillow

Josh and I have a pillow. An amazing, wonderful, soft, delicious pillow. Well actually this pillow belongs to Josh. He had it long before me. I inherited the pillow while I was pregnant. Only, while I was pregnant. Upon the arrival of little Aiden, the pillow returned to it's rightful owner. A few months ago Josh had a bad bout with snoring. I requested he find a solution. He did and the solution involved a blanket contraption that elevated his head. During this time, I had visitation with the pillow. Josh bored with this new sleeping arrangement and after a couple months demanded the pillow once again lie beneath his head.
Oh how I have searched for a pillow equal to this one's grandeur. I spent a pretty penny on pillows I hoped would match it's glory. There will never be a pillow as great as this.
On magnificent nights like tonight when Josh works late or nights that Josh is out of town on business. The pillow cheats on him with me. Oh what incredible affair we have...

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