Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I AM Thankful.

I have missed a few days. I didn't realize how hard this would be. It has been a good exercise for me though. (and the only exercise I'm getting ;))While I go about my day I try to pay attention to the things I'm thankful for in case I write about them. It just so happens that by the end of the day, I'm exhausted. I don't know why.....
I hesitate to write this because it may be held against be at a future date.
Today I am thankful for my husband. (and spell checker). But mostly my husband. Josh and I are opposites. We have some hard times. Neither of us are easy to live with. But when I stop and really see what kind of men are out there I realize how lucky I am.

I can honestly say that I have no fear of my husband ever leaving me or ever cheating on me. That is huge for me. I may go out for cigarettes and never come back, but he won't. I may regularly ask to hire a pool boy, even though we have no pool, but he would never want a pool boy. Or girl.

He is a great dad. He does struggle with the 3 year old, but who doesn't. I know I can leave anytime I want. Not permanently, but whenever I need a break, he is happy to help. That may be because he is sick of me moping or yelling, but he never says no when I want to go out.

I am a light sleeper. I am somebody who NEEDS her sleep. He takes the baby in the middle of the night if Owen's not sleeping. He takes him in the morning (O is an early riser) so I can sleep later.

Every Halloween he dresses up in costumes, some he doesn't like, for me and my favorite holiday.

Plus and most importantly, he puts up with my crazy. I think most of us are a little crazy. Well I am a lot. And a whole new kind of crazy that the likes of you have never seen :).
I mostly can't stand my husband, but I sure miss him when he is gone. I hate not being able to talk to him when ever I want. I hate not having his presence in the house. I hate not having somebody to punch 5-10 times a day :p. He is sorely missed.

I love you honey.

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