Monday, December 6, 2010

Eggs (by Josh)

Josh posts to the kids private blogs a lot. This was too funny not to share :)

"Aiden loves eggs. This has been compounded by his love of dinosaur
train, the opening title sequence includes the dinosaur eggs hatching.

We went to the stakes live nativity last week and just before you get
to the manger scene there is a chicken farmer inspecting his eggs. I
think aiden almost totally missed the baby Jesus he was so excited to
tell everyone about the eggs and how they were getting ready to hatch.

This morning while getting ready for church he found some Easter egg
coloring stuff. He asked if we could color eggs even without a bunny
(he named both his bunnies Easter). Em set up a few egg shells for him
to color while I made pancakes after church.

After pancakes he brought one egg over and gave it to me. I told him I
named it sir eggs-a-lot the green. He named his other egg ass-a-lot"

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