Sunday, November 7, 2010

29 Days of Thanksgiving ;)

Can I be thankful for Pepto twice? Yep it's that kind of week.

I missed yesterday, bummer.

Lately I have felt like I have no control in my life. It is killing me. So today I CLEANED our family room. Scrubbed walls and baseboards, sorted, organized.... It was something I could put all my anger towards.

I had my temple recommend interview. I cried to the Bishop. I wanted him to fix all my problems. He didn't. But I left with a sense of peace. That if I want my problems fixed I need to fix them. Or just let go. Let go of my contention. I have been trying but I guess I need to be more creative.

I am thankful for Temples. They are beautiful and peaceful and lately the only place I can go and feel calm and like things will get better.
Here is the beautiful temple we were married in. It's alright to be jealous ;)


jennybrum said...

I AM jealous! Give me a call if you ever need to talk or hang out. We can cry together!

Than & Lina said...

Yay for temples! Enjoy it on Thursday. I like your gratitude idea.

Robbie and Darcy said...

I love temples, too! I'm trying to go to all the Utah ones! Maybe someday. You are good with the "thankful" days!