Friday, May 15, 2009

Smelly Family

I woke this morning, went potty and then went to wash my hands. WTF! No water! I go wake up Josh. YES people, I awoke before my husband. Crap I don't think I forgot to pay the water bill. Sometimes I do, but when I see shut off notices I get right on it. I didn't see one of those?????

Well I have to go to the Dr.'s, I'll call on the way. Oh the stupid, noisy, inconvenient, never ending road construction out side my house, hit the water main and they had to shut off everybody's water.

Well now it is almost 4 in the afternoon and still no water. I used each flush I had in both bathrooms. If I have to go again, I guess I am driving to the gas station, Oh wait, the construction crew has a port a potty, I'm totally fine :) I brushed my teeth with bottled water.

Note to self, maybe is would be a good idea to fill those water jugs I bought at Wal-mart almost a year ago in case of an emergency. I am starting to smell, I'd say thats an emergency.


Rach & Kids said...

Ummmm Monica had to use water from food storage to wash moms color out of her hair.... I think she may win :)

Likely said...

that stinks! pun intended.

it always seems that I don't realize how much I use water until I don't have it.