Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The best way to win her heart is to buy her a golden watch.

Started this on Sunday and am finally posting it.

I miss blogging. My life is so full lately, in such a great way, but I do miss it. I no longer check everybody's blog 3 times a day, usually every other day now. I have a minute and was wondering what I could blog about, and this lovely title was in my email inbox. I am CERTAIN that a gold watch is not going to win my heart. Add some diamonds, maybe ;)

Josh was out of town last week. It was a really hard week for me. But he is home now and Aiden and I are loving it. We can't get enough of him. He leaves again tomorrow night. It is hard when he is gone, but we are so proud of him for all that he is accomplishing at his job. They just love him over there. I think he's their favorite ;)

My mom took Aiden one night so I could have a break. They went to Build a Bear.

Yesterday (Saturday) we took Aiden and his friend Thomas to the Childrens Garden and the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. Of course they had a wonderful time. I found a snake and told Josh to pick it up. He totally did. That shocked me. I told him it might bite him, but it won't hurt because it has a small mouth. sucker. Just like when our pet rat was a baby and Josh was scared to hold it, I told him baby rats don't have teeth, hehe. Josh used to be terrified of everything, snakes, rats, etc....

Later we got to run errands as a family. That was nice for a change.

We went to the mall and of course our spoiled boy had to ride the carousel.


I have tons of cute pictures of these past weeks, I just need to download them. soon....

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