Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Does anybody elses toddler stay up until 11pm watching movies? Even without taking a nap in the day? Huh? Guess Daddy's out of town.

PS: This new found movie watching is amazing. I do limit it and only if I am laying with him snuggling, but he can actually sit through a movie. Yipee! It may be only because he is sick and this could all end as soon as he is better. So far he has made it through "Bolt" and "Shrek." I tried "Horten Hears a Who," and about 15 minutes into it he said "goggy moobie." Translation, Doggie Movie, which is "Bolt." Which is for sure his favorite.

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Diane Owen said...

Movies are a beautiful, beautiful thing! Though my kids never stay up til 11 if I can help it...but that's for my sanity, that theirs. :)