Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have had so many blog posts go in my head these last few weeks. All with clever titles of course. But the Easter pictures are on Josh's camera, which for some reason won't download to my computer. We have been super busy. But oh these last few glorious days of sunshine. We have been living outside. Gets Aiden up off the Luv Sac watching "Bolt" and out of the house. It has resulted in us finally gettinf a door on our bedroom! I am able to paint outside while Aiden; tries to get eaten by a horse, sneaks off to the scary neighbors yard, plays with pieces of glass, and oh yes, pushes his stroller around screaming and tantruming when it gets stuck, only to leave it behind Mommy's truck and have it get run over when she leaves for work. Wow was that a run on sentence.
I have lately just been devouring every lovely thing about my son. We went through a rough patch a couple weeks ago, he and I. But this last week, I am adoring him. Don't get me wrong, he is still a terror, but I have changed. I look at his almost curls he is getting and I am the happiest mother there ever was. He has turned into the cutest little boy. Everything he does makes me laugh. Most moms would cringe, but I am gleeful when he sings, "Gives you Hell"?? By All American Rejects. So we are just hanging out and now he is awake so I have to go spend another blissful day with my Monkey.

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